The voice of SIRI belongs to Susan Bennett and is the actress of dubbing

Siri for entertainment

Siri is very funny and when we have a cell phone we sometimes find much free time in our hands, or just waiting somewhere, and we do not know how to relieve my boredom.

If you are lucky enough to have a version of the iPhone that includes Siri, congratulations!!   You can now annoy Siri with the following questions that you might not have known you could ask.

Some of us are unaware of how many absurd sentences this peaceful assistant has saved.   It is simply a matter of having a bit of ingenuity and asking.

However, few of us know that the person who gave life to this helper in the original U.S. version is Susan Bennett.   She has since become very famous due to being very sought after on the internet in order to find the secret behind the application.

Have Fun with the Answers

If you find yourself in a waiting room maybe you can get a smile out of of someone, or likewise it might be in those hours that you go out for a drive and want to make your friends laugh.

  1. Siri will you marry me
  2. Siri where should I bury my friend
  3. Siri do you want to be my lover
  4. Siri I’m firing you
  5. Siri I hate you
  6. Siri you are stupid
  7. Siri deactivate yourself
  8. I give you a kiss Siri
  9. Are you pretty Siri
  10. I’m giving you my mother-in-law as a present Siri
  11. Are you a woman Siri
  12. Siri I am drunk
  13. Who created you Siri
  14. Do you have children Siri
  15. Are you in a relationship Siri
  16. Tell me a joke Siri
  17. I am very ugly Siri
  18. Siri lend me money
  19. Siri I am angry
  20. Siri today is my birthday
  21. Tell me a bedtime story
  22. Sing me a song (For these you need to be a little persistent)
  23. Siri divide 0 by 0

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Many of these questions can have various answers, so you can repeat them to find out what else Siri thinks.


For those who don’t know, there are various versions of assistants for Android, one of which is called EVA Assistant, another Evi, and likewise each companion has its own style.   Some of these questions also work on those assistants.

If you have more sentences write them in the comments so that they can be added.

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Do you know any other phrase that makes Siri say something funny? Share it in the comments.

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