Cell Phone Password
Solo los que confían pueden encontrar el amor y la felicidad. Y solo aquellos que aman pueden ser traicionados.

Cell Phone Password

For many of us it becomes an obsession to know whether our partner is cheating on us, and the best way to find out is by social networks, where the recent boom is that everyone is connected and always attentive to what others do.

One of the first detectable signs is that your partner no longer pay attention, and is constantly glued to the cell phone without letting you see with whom he or she is talking to.   It doesn’t have to be a special network, but the common ones currently being used to flirt are Facebook and WhatsUp.

These social networks allow us the anonymity to immediately send secret messages and pictures of our bodies without our partner finding out.   Still, for many, going through their partner’s phone is synonymous with distrust and many times causes a break-up.

Nowadays, it’s very common to see phrases on Twitter declaring that the true test of love is to tell your partner your passwords to Facebook and Twitter, thereby demonstrating your eternal fidelity.

But how can you find out if he/she is cybernetically unfaithful without you noticing?

password cell phone
These are the tips that I can give you on how to find out your partner’s cellphone password and discover if he/she is cheating on you.

1.   If their phone has a password, try their birthday, your anniversary, names of pets, nicknames, titles of movies, etc. This method is a little slow, and some phones only allow you three tries before sending an alert to the owner of the phone.   Make a list of the possible dates and try two or three (at most) each day.

2.   If your budget allows for it, you can choose to give your partner a new phone with an App that will track their text messages and send you copies, so that you don’t have to worry about them messaging someone in the bathroom when you’re not looking.   This part requires a little bit of technical knowledge, since you have to buy the application from special websites, but if you have a tech-savvy friend, you can ask them for help configuring the phone.

3.   If your budget is really tight, you can choose to become a spy. Create a Facebook or Twitter profile with pictures of a girl that you know he’ll find attractive, send him a friend request for him to accept.   This should be done very carefully, since it requires patience to build up confidence if you ask him about things directly, he’ll realize that it’s you spying on him.

4.   A lot of cellphone companies allow you to activate an option in which you can see, in detail, calls and messages each month. This service is supposed to be used in order to confirm the phone bill. All you need is access to the phone in order to confirm a code that the company sends.  Warning: Remember to erase the message with the code from the company, leaving it for him to see will create suspicion.

5.   If you have access to his phone and a little bit of money, you can buy an App and install it, but you’ll need to test it out first, so that you can do it quickly and without suspicion.

As a recommendation before doing any of these things, think about if you really want to know what your partner is writing, since knowing the truth can severely affect your relationship you might not be able to recover from the infidelity.

A wise saying from my grandmother: “A heart that doesn’t see doesn’t feel.” Some things are better left unknown.

If you’re suspicious that he’s becoming unfaithful, it’s better to ask him up front instead of finding it out by yourself.

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