First Plants on Earth

First Plants on Earth

First Plants When the first plants appear. About 4,000 million years ago the first forms of life in the oceans appeared. Among these molecules came the...
Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, 7 Things You Didn’t Know

Albert Einstein American scientist of German origin. In 1880 his family moved to Munich and then (1894-96) to Milan. He attended a Munich institute, continued...
Why do eclipses

Why do eclipses occur?

What are eclipses? Eclipses are rare, especially those of Sun, the human being has observed them with admiration and respect since time immemorial. It is believed...

Why Do Blisters Come Out?

Blisters that hurt !! The funny thing about blisters is that with them - especially if they explode - the remedy seems to be worse...
Why Does Rain

Why Does Rain Fall In Drops?

Raindrops. Although when talking about raindrops we come to mind the image of a tear, the fact is that despite being both liquid the physical...

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