Super woman: Wife, Worker, Mother, Housewife

What is a Super woman? At present it is usually the rule that a woman no longer only engages in domestic chores, she must support...
What is the best pet

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Pet

What is the best pet? A pet is special and the comments, studies and criticisms will always be in many ways positive regarding the benefits...
Cómo Ser Más Feliz

How to Be Happier by Changing Your Food

How to Be Happier There are some foods that contain within their proteins an amino acid called tryptophan, which intervenes in the production of serotonin,...
Reflux with Chewing Gum

Tips to Fight Acid Reflux with Chewing Gum

The annoying reflux! Here you have a simple way to fight acid reflux: chew gum after eating. In accordance with investigation by the Kings College in...
Wisdom teeth pain

Wisdom teeth pain?

When Should You Take Out Of wisdom teeth? If you have sharp or severe pain in your wisdom teeth, you should consult specifically with a...

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