Purslane Properties
Purslane is considered the top most nutritious food on the planet

Purslane Properties

One of the traditional foods in Mexico is a rich union of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber, despite being cooked, purslane leaves are a tradition of Mexican cuisine, that upon eating helps us look and feel good.

It has the capacity to reduce inflammation in the urinary tract, calming pains in this type of bad situation, and eating purslane this leaves the blood and helps to dissolve kidney stones.

Good for lost weight

It acts as a diuretic, eliminating the accumulation of liquids besides stimulating the kidneys to work correctly.   It functions as a natural laxative with a considerable quantity of fiber (mucilage), preventing and curing constipation.

Purslane prevents arteriosclerosis through the betacarotines and vitamins that it contains.

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Rich in proteins, eating it can replace meat intake.  In addition, it has minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and sulfur.

It is converted in an excellent food thanks to its Omega 3 contributtion, essential fatty acids, wich are responsable to reduce bad cholesterol levels and triglycerids.

Really Good for Health

Purslane whathever you eat, it help to kill viruses because of its antibacterial properties, it reduce pain thanks to its analgesic capacity.

It kills fungus because it’s antifungal and it improves coagulation, for this reason it’s recommended as a daily consumption for hemophiliacs.

Purslane works as an anti-inflammatory improving the lives of asthmatics because it acts as a bronchodialator.

It prevents and cures menstrual pain because it stimulates the spasmodic action of the uterus, eliminating colic and favoring the evacuation of fluids without pain and in a shorter time period.

Reduces joint pain improving the quality of life in patients with arthritis.

It stops diarrhea, reduces head aches, cures hemorrhoids, favors the formation of scar tissue, regulates blood pressure, cleanses the liver and helps with skin care.

Amongst the many illnesses that is capable of healing, with adequate consumption of purslane one can regulate skin pigmentation and heal leukoderma.

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