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Frogs have to close their eyes to swallow.

Why Do Frogs Rain?

The rain of frogs, fish, money and blood from the sky, are now part of the serious study of the scientific community around the world, these scientists who were initially skeptical of these phenomena, today follow closely, analyze and study these facts that indeed continue to occur throughout the planet Earth.

If it wasn’t through Moses, the rain of frogs, or the other animals like fish or birds, nothing has to do with any Biblical plague.

This curious event, that tends to leave those who receive the peculiar rainstorm perplexed, is the result of an extraordinary meteorological phenomenon that can be accompanied by common rain or not.

It happens when a tornado or waterspout, in its course over a body of water, captures the small aquatic life living in it and, after keeping them suspended in the air, finishes by dropping them kilometres away.

These tornadoes seem selective because they tend to launch an attack on banks of animals, but also can capture any aquatic being that lives in the middle of the concerned and whose weight isn’t significant.

Frogs are animals that live in both the aquatic and the terrestrial environments.

Tornadoes are rotating storms that are formed in the the interior of storm clouds, on the fronts that separate the upward currents from the downward.   First, a funnel cloud appears, which then extends to touch the ground.

Tornados concentrate all their destructive power in a small area, and their strength is enormous; their winds can reach speeds of up to 480km/h   note that its violent updraft vortex is capable of absorbing not only fish or frogs, but also cows, horses, cars.

Although in these cases, it doesn’t carry an entire herd or fleet, so the concept of a rain of cows or cars is ruled out.

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Approximately 2000 years ago the Greek writer Athenaeus reported a rainstorm of green toads that fell on the cities of Paeonia and Dardania.

Suddenly, (wrote Athenaeus), so many toads fell from the sky that the ground was full of them, all dead from the the strong impact of hitting the floor, the piles of toads covered the floor and the mountains of toads almost reached our knees.

But the rain of toads is not only a thing of yesterday. In small villages like Gloucestershire, England, a few years ago a strong rain of pink frogs was reported; this happened in the year 1987. Thousands of diminutive pink frogs fell from the sky over English houses and streets.

The naturalist Ian Darling then said that in reality there were white frogs, or better yet albino ones, that were seen as pink because of the color of the blood seen through their skin.

Experts said that these frogs arrived with the sandstorms of the Sahara, possibly traveling within the atmospheric water so much for a scientific explanation!.

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