Reflux with Chewing Gum
Avoid reflux by eating at least five times a day, three main meals and two snacks. Do not skip breakfast and set meal times. Eat at least two hours before bed and do not lie down after eating.

The annoying reflux!

Here you have a simple way to fight acid reflux: chew gum after eating.

In accordance with investigation by the Kings College in London, England, chewing gum helps to ease the symptoms of heartburn.

Because it increases the production of salvia that is a clear liquid, which is produced in your mouth 24 hours a day, every day and is formed on top of all the water and in addition to a few chemical substances.

This delicate thing produces the salivary glands, derived for these elements which naturalize the stomach acid. Chew gum.

One older activity of the salivary glads, also ,means that you swallow more liquid. which stimulates the muscular contraction that helps to digest the foods, according to exports.

If you prefer sugarless gum because it is the best to prevent cavities and extra calories, but can bring other problems that ultimately will be felt in our bodies, they warn, and if you’re not a fan of chewing, a pill can provide a similar effect.

Gummy vitamins Benefits and Risks

Extra Tips:

  • Avoid stress, it is very common that it is associated with the condition.
  • Also eat raw almonds: these balance the stomach pH because they are an excellent source of calcium.
  • Sleep on the left side: sleeping face down or on the right side presses the stomach, exacerbating the symptoms of reflux.
  • It is also important to limit foods that usually contain a lot of fat, such as fried foods, since they last longer in the stomach.
  • Reduce the amount of food you eat at one time. This will lower the pressure of stress in the stomach.
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