Begin to Suffocate Myself

Begin to Suffocate Myself?

What to do if I begin to suffocate myself?   It is one of the many things than can terrify you when you are alone, many people go into a panic and they cannot to do anything about it.   However, if you keep calm you can save your life, it all depends on how you take it, since by getting hysterical you can even scare your own family into not knowing how to act.   It is very good to know what to do if that were to happen, since you can go into a panic and this can worsen on finding yourself alone.

Starting to cough is the first line of defense against asphyxia and the good news is that people often do so automatically.

When something blocks the upper airways, the natural reflex is to expel air from the lungs and eject it.   In my case, the fruit came out flying.

However, depending on the part of the airway that is blocked, the cough may not work.   In that case, you need to self-administer abdominal compressions.

Look for a fixed object, such as the back of a chair, and push the area just above the navel against it several times.

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This will create an upward pressure on the diaphragm, pushing the air in the lungs with enough force to eject the object.   If the chair is not very helpful, form a fist with both hands and press inward and upward, equally, above the navel, just like the Heimlich maneuver.

It is possible that doing this you will injure some internal organs, for which you will then have to go to your doctor for a checkup.

Even if there was someone nearby, you would not have the strength to issue strong verbal sounds.

Making a lot of noise could bring help, but such efforts must not take precedence over acting alone and immediately, since with asphyxia seconds matter and remember to not go into a panic.

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