social networks
In a social network individuals are interconnected, interact and can have more than one type of relationship between them.

Web 2.0

Before we describe how social networks emerged, we must clarify what is Web 2.0, since this is how we currently live, as the fastest way developed to connect us over the internet.

The term Web 2.0 was coined by an American Dale Dougherty of the O’Reilly Media publishing company during a conference in 2004.

Web 2.0 is what permits us as users to interact and collaborate with each other as creators of user-created content in a virtual community, unlike Web 1.0 which consists of static websites where users are limited to passive observation of the content that has been created for them.

Some of the clearest examples of Web 2.0 are web-based communities, web services, web applications, social networking services, video-hosting services, wikis, and blogs.

Social Networks History

The history of the social networks was given a means of communication by the computer, the precursors were: Usenet, ARPANET, bulletin board services (BBS),,,

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The first virtual social network was called Six Degrees ( and emerged in 1997 and existed until 2001.   This site was developed by the company called Macroview.

In this way social network was created as this: Web pages where every user has a public page which he/she publish content and comunicate with others users.   Examples: Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, Hi5, Myspace, instagram, among others.

social networks history
Social Networks analysis have been used to know how human contact can be involved in some illness

There also exist a great variety of professional social networks, managed to establish contacts within the business world (LinkedIn, Xing, eConozco, Neurona).

Facebook, Tuenti, Twitter, Myspace… are only some of the social networks that currently exist from the birth of the Web 2.0

The first social network emerged in 1997.   Its name was Degrees- and it was developed by Macroview company.   It offered the possibility of generating user profiles and friend lists.

Social Networks

Social networks emerged in 2003 as Hi5, Myspace, friendster or tribe.

By january 2004 was published Ourkut, it was an experiment that an employee used to do on his free time.   The same year Facebook was born, one of the large social networks most successful in the Internet.

In 2005, Yahoo 360º joined; in 2006 Twitter was established.

What are the principal characteristics that all the social networks share?

  • Construction of a profile that can be shared with other users.
  • Visualization of the connections that they have in common with other community members.
  • Creating related content with your own profile
  • Searching for users based on shared contacts, common interests, etc.
  • Control and configuration of privacy

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